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Manufacturing Equipment

Can-making machinery and filling-line equipment

DIEC provides craft brewers the ability to make the best quality beer by providing the packaging industry with the latest packaging solutions and industry information.

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Genesig Q16

The genesigĀ® q16 is affordable and easy to use!

Early detection of bacteria is the best method to avoid beer and beverage spoilage. Bacteria causing spoilage form as part of the natural decay in the brewing process and can result in wasted product and loss of profit. Detecting these bacteria in yeast stocks or in brewing equipment is the fastest and easiest way to way to avoid a problem.

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Packaging Industry Solutions

Providing state-of-the-art container packaging solutions

DIEA, who is in constant contact with can-making machinery and filling-line equipment manufacturers throughout the USA, provides the most up-to-date information to its affiliates in Japan and Singapore.

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D.I.E.C. Engineering Services

D.I.E.C. GROUP has an engineering staff that has special capabilities geared to our product market.

Our staff stays updated on the most current technology relating to our product market and make it a point of pride to apply their technical expertise to assist customers with positive outcomes in all engineering projects.